About Us

About Us

In 1997 we started a tank-manufacturing unit “Shree Maruti Udyog” at Pangra Village. The group began as a manufacturing unit in 1997 and as opportunities came by, it diversified into new growth areas. We decided to increase our production capacities. We have started new units.

All these units have their own identity but they have a common marketing organization. All our products are available under own roof and this group started to establish its own identity.


More than 200 products


Our plants run at maximum effeciency


250+ dealers across India

The mastermind behind this growth is Mr. S. V. Sakre. Today the group is involving in manufacturing water storage tank, uPVC SWR pipes & fittings, Blue Plumbing pipe, unbreakable plastic household items. All these units are running in three shifts at their 90 % capacity throughout the year. We have 150 Dealers network in Maharashtra. All these dealers are working with us from last 10 years.

In 2001 we decided to start production of uPVC SWR Pipes & Fittings. Almost all our dealers were selling this item. So when we decided to start the production of Pipe and Fittings we have already 150 dealers network and almost 50 % of our capacity was booked for supplying to our Maharashtra dealers only.


The strong marketing network is our main strength. We are in a position to market immediately through our present dealers network. Today the group has its manufacturing units at Aurangabad, Pune and Dehradun (Uttaranchal). Today 12 different units are working and are known in Industrial Circle of Maharashtra as “SARITA GROUP”. Today this group has dealers network through out India.

Customer Satisfaction

We have always focused on Customer’s satisfaction, quality Products Leading edge technology and Production capability. The basic of good product is its raw Material.

SARITA GROUP give topmost Importance on the basic raw materials. All the Products of SARITA GROUP are made from virgin raw materials in it’s purest form.

The Sarita Group is No. One & Leader in Water Tank business from Maharashtra. They control the total sale policy of Water Tank in Maharashtra. Sarita Group is one of the leading manufacturers of SWR Pipes & Fittings in India.